Custom Designed Coaching

Institute courses and mentoring are custom designed to match the needs of individual clients. They benefit from one-to-one tuition by a diplomat with first-hand working experience in the relevant country. Where relocation is involved the needs of partners are catered for with briefings on daily living by the wife of a diplomat who has experience of the country concerned. This covers essentials such as social interaction, shopping, entertainment, managing household staff, hosting social events, travel and safety.

The Importance of Understanding Local Protocol

An understanding of protocol – the accepted formalities, manners and customs in business and society – is the key to effective interaction in any culture. Getting it right pays dividends when creating first impressions, negotiating, developing long term agreements and networking. Knowing the unwritten rules can make the difference between winning and losing a contract and then keeping or losing it. It is simply not enough to use qualified interpreters, because they relate only the specifics they have been instructed to convey.

The need to observe proper protocol applies not only to senior business executives, but also to managers of NGOs, media reporters and government officers, and applies equally to nationals of all countries operating overseas. The Institute offers its services to all of these groups in respect of any country in the world to which they might be working. The Institute equips them to operate with efficiency and confidence in an unfamiliar environment. It covers both established international trading areas and the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China, plus the Middle East.

A Service for the Time Poor

At the Institute we understand that time is often a more valuable commodity than money, which is why we run short information-packed bespoke courses whenever and wherever it suits the client. Although most tuition is provided at our central London offices, it can be arranged on the client’s own premises, in private meeting rooms in hotels or in other commercial venues. Our tutors will also travel to the overseas country in which the client intends to operate. But wherever the tuition is given the Institute ensures that the standard of facilities matches its premium service levels.

Tuition is not based on traditional classroom learning. It centres on scenario based situations and role play, which allows participants to learn and to practise at the same time. And it is about fun too, with anecdotes of how and when things can go wrong, and how to fix them effectively.

Mentoring by former diplomats can be provided as a support service following tuition or as an on-call standalone function for those permanently based overseas or for those who require support for less frequent forays in international markets. Using email, telephone and Skype communication, mentors provide practical advice when it is needed.

As well as providing comprehensive preparation for conducting business overseas the Institute also takes care of the wider personal concerns people have when relocating to a new country. It offers:

  • Spouse and partner tuition on how to get the most from life in the new home, including daily living, running a household and leisure opportunities
  • Consultancy on selling or renting out domestic property in the UK and then buying or renting overseas
  • Consultancy on home content removal
  • Consultancy on child education in the UK and destination countries
  • Consultancy on pet transport
  • Consultancy on personal, family and corporate security

A personal coordinator as a single point of contact is appointed for each client. All Institute coordinators hold senior positions and are equipped to manage the delivery of all services to ensure clients get an efficient experience from start to finish. Where tuition is given outside the UK, transport, accommodation and security arrangements are included.

All personal coordinators have been appointed on the basis of their extensive experience of managing business programmes and events, including those involving royalty and heads of state.