Moving Home

Moving home can be stressful at the best of times, but when it involves the complications of moving overseas, and all of the other associated tasks that need attention, then you require the peace of mind that comes with the most reliable removers.

The Institute of Diplomacy and business has researched the leading international residential removals companies to establish a partnership arrangement with the leading provider, Cadogan Tate.

Perhaps best known as a fine arts remover, it has more than 30 years experience of moving home contents securely and safely around the world. It also has a 90 percent repeat business ratio, and its own secure customs approved warehouses that are temperature controlled and monitored 24 hours a day.

Customer care is based on the appointment of a dedicated move manager and expert surveyors who provide a free quote. Cadogan Tate take care of all paperwork tasks, and provide options for packing, insurance and even movement tracking.

Trouble Free Transfers for Family Pets

As an integral part of the household, pets are often important in the relocation process and in settling into a new environment. Though many airline journeys are made safely by pets, there are big differences in documentation requirements from one country to another.

Vaccinations, permits, import and export visas, translation of documents and quarantine arrangements can all present problems. Again, the logistics can be complex, with different airlines having their own transport restrictions.

" target="_blank">The best way to ensure pets travel safely and comfortably is to consult a specialist, and the Institute recommends . It provides expert advice and offers a door-to-door moving service, and even journey tracking.


NB The Institute of Diplomacy and Business does not take any commission or payment of any kind from Cadogan Tate orĀ World Care Pet Transport. Each company is appointed as a partner of the Institute because it is considered to be the best at what it does.