The Institute is the brainchild of international broadcaster and foreign affairs authority Stephen Cole and businessman Nick Rines.

Stephen has a long background in international news and current affairs. After local and regional journalism he joined ITN News at Ten in 1982, and worked as a writer and producer on the Falklands news desk during the conflict in the South Atlantic.  He was a launch presenter on Sky News in 1989, and then five years later was an integral member of the team that established CNN International. Three years later he joined BBC World where, over the next ten years, he launched and presented a range of his own programmes including Click Online, The World Today and Asia Today. He is currently senior news anchor with Al Jazeera in Doha and London.

In addition to broadcasting he plays important roles in international events as a presenter and moderator. He is a regular presence at the World Economic Forum, where he has hosted many set-piece debates, and frequently receives praise for his work at UNESCO.  Stephen is also a member of BAFTA.

The Institute’s mission stems from his passionate belief that international conflicts and lack of common problem solving often stem from failures of communication.

The Institute has two functions that run in parallel. One is to disperse funds to promote better communication and understanding between international communities. It is only through effective dialogue that different groups can understand each other and solve common problems. Creating dialogue is the aim of the Institute. It does this by distributing funds selectively through third parties.

The commercial arm of the Institute prepares people for work and living in countries that are new to them. The fees earned from these services finances the Institute’s charitable aims.

The emphasis with all of the Institute’s commercial activity is on well managed custom-created services and first class delivery by those best qualified to meet particular needs.

To provide premium level consultancy services the Institute has created partnerships with the leading companies in the fields of property in the UK and overseas, home content removal, child education, pet transport and security. The respective partnerships are with Hamptons International and Sotheby’s International Realty, Cadogan Tate, Humphry’s Education, WorldCare Pet Transport and Pilgrims Group.

The Institute charges fees for social and business protocol training, but it does not take commission or fees from any of its consultancy partners. The links with consultancy partners have been made because they are the leaders in their fields and therefore support the aims of the Institute as a high value provider.

Legal information about the Institute.