The Institute of Diplomacy and Business provides a unique and comprehensive range of services to prepare representatives of businesses and other organisations to operate in and, if necessary, relocate overseas. It brings together senior diplomats and leading support service providers to give all the training and support needed. Its services are available not only to UK clients, but also to anyone in any country intending to operate in a new territory.

The Institute’s comprehensive range of services includes strategic political and trade briefings, individual and small group tuition on business and social protocol in all recognised trading nations, and a full range of support services for those relocating overseas.

The Institute’s services are unique:

The core services are providing briefing and bespoke one-to-one and small-group tuition covering all recognised trading countries. It also offers mentoring as either follow up support or as a stand-alone service.

In addition to providing a unique range of high level services for organisations operating overseas the Institute also promotes and encourages greater communication between national communities. Its profits are directed to improving communication between different groups to generate harmony and to encourage joint problem solving.